Lead Product Designer
3D Software
UX, UI, Interaction
With several artists production studios around the world. MPC needed a software solution for their artists and directors to edit amd provide comments on the same file without needing a local download of the content.
The solution was to create an in-browser application which allows artists to manipulate materials and textures within a 3D scene.

Storybook design system

A proof of concept for the software had been created in react, which was to form the basis of how the system architecture should be built up.

Understanding the workflow

Spending time with the artists to understand pain points, and then learn their current software programs. To best come up with viable solutions.


View all of the textures and effects applied to a single composition.

Storyboard TIMELINE

Compare side by side frames, to make adjustments to a scenes composition.

Reactive Icons

To aid interactions I created a set of icons which would animate into their new functions.

Custom workspaces

Being able to snap windows in and out of modes allows a flexible workspace as each each visual artist has their own way of working.

Opening a project

Projects needed a centralised repository to easily access files, review comments and make amends.