Lead Product Designer
Eight inc.
Website & App
UX, UI, Interaction
A luxury hotel chain needed to improve their communication of their brand values, and were lacking a digital experience that represented their offerings.

Starting with an atomic system

Throughout the pitch a general styling was formed, which enabled us to define the foundations of a design system. From there a list of required components allowed us to test the system and solidify general rules and options.


Showing that Jumeirah has worldwide residences, with dream-like transitions into pages designed with the intentions to set the user on a journey of becoming Jumeirah guest.

Making a Reservation

An intuitive booking flow that gets the guest to their destination with minimum amount of friction.

Loyalty App

With the loyalty app we wanted to extend the knowledge of what the guest can earn and use whilst using a Jumeirah facility.

Inspire & Book

The apps home screen is a combination of personalised offers around their upcoming stays or offers in their location. With the ability to use the search function to take them through a booking journey.


Creating a place for users to be able to view the valuable information for their stay or reservation.


Users are able to collect and spend loyalty points. Using the wallet a user is able to view how many points they have, and then using their device pay or collect for a reservation.