Lead Product Designer
Newsness Hub
Website & App
UX, UI, Interaction
Everyday Farfetch has thousands of new products coming into the platform. I was tasked with running the discovery and definition of possible opportunities to surface products based on personalisation and inspiration.

Starting with the workshop

To help gather knowledge and encourage cross business collaboration I worked with product owners to organise and facilitate a workshop focusing around the subject of recommendations.

First task

Annotate a scenario where a first time user is on a social site and sees a pair of shoes they would likeā€¦


Are recommendations shown.


Recommendations should be displayed.


Is the is the logic/algorithm.


Do we present them.

90 minute prototype

Using the two exercises the participants were split into 4 groups and tasked to create a prototype on paper, solving one of the painpoints, within 90 minutes.

Each group presents their prototype then everyone has two dot votes for their preferred idea.

Creating Newsness Hub Identity

We identified 4 key areas to factor into the hub design, which were.


Live video allowing in flight purchases. Viewing the products as they come into the boutique. Gives a dynamic of how the products look and what they work with.


Representing quantity through interaction
Immersing the user within a grid of new in products.


Putting a face to curated sets. Giving the ability for the user to change the set by hitting a refresh button.


Real time country purchase information. Giving the impression of trending looks in different parts of the world. Quantifying purchases within countries.


Showcasing sets from the latest brands via an interactive slider.
Allowing exposure to lesser known brands whilst showing breadth of catalogue.

Farfetch focus

Translating the mobile experience to the web. Detailing all the latest products and trends.