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What happens when tech companies that are valued around data, don’t have a centralised repository for all of their tests and decision making?
Introducing... A platform that runs experiments, browses user research and schedule in product plans throughout the year.

Giving the platform an identity

As the main function of the platform was around running experiments I created an animated atomic structure around the roo icon.

Hybrid system

Deliveroo had two design systems in place, one for tools and one for consumer products. As the platform was a place to input information but also a place to share information, we decided to use elements from both design systems, to create a hybrid system.

Light mode

Dark mode

Process to populating the platform



An experiment needs to explain why, what and how it will run. This initial form stepper is the initial way the platform would become populated with content.

Now the experiment is created, we show the location of the component, and the visual representation on what is being tested.

It then goes into scheduling.


Once an experiment is live and data is being collected the view will update to show health metrics, allowing the user to see if there are any anomalies and also draw early conclusions.



After an experiment has completed, teams can make a decision on whether to keep the experiment live or alter it. This information is recorded and can be used to instigate further research on a product area.

Product launch

During the launch of the platform we were able to show a live experiment on everyone's devices, then show the data being fed directly into the platform.